How to Upload a File in PHP (With Easy Examples)

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Please give us a likeor share your feedback to help us improve. Connect with us on Facebook and Twitter for the latest updates. About Us. The error messages will give you a hint about what error has occurred during the upload.

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However, you can use the below code to get the exact and detailed reason. You can easily conquer the error by changing the configuration of the maximum file size key.

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Temporary Folder is Missing Sometimes you can encounter two types of folder errors. Finding the actual extension that caused the error might be tricky here, especially if you have uploaded multiple files with different extensions.

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Conclusion In this article, you learned everything about file upload in PHP with a simple example. You have also seen how to create client-side and server-side scripts to enable the file upload in PHP. Now, you can go ahead and try to upload multiple files with different file extensions and see how it goes.

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First, in the same directory, create a new directory called uploads. This will be where our script will save the files.

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Then, in the same directory as index. Notice that this is the same name as the action attribute in the form.


Please contact the administrator. In the script above, it is set to the current working directory Also note that in the code above, we validate the file upload by checking both the file type and size.

Keep in mind that the all of the code above requires additional security precautions before being released in production.

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For example, there are currently no checks to see if the user has uploaded a virus disguised as an image.